Clean the side of the fish tank with lichen mollusc. Wipe the glass if necessary to remove lichen stuck in the aquarium. If you find a thick stain rub out, use a metal or plastic scraper to scrape it off the glass.

You may want to use rubber gloves when cleaning. Make sure it does not get soaked.

Do not use sponges or dishwashers in the kitchen, or anything that may be stained, dishwashing or other cleaning chemicals. Clean moss that is only used with fish tanks will prevent serious chemicals and detergents from contaminating the aquarium.

This process can be done after you take about 10-20%

Decide how much water you need to take. If you clean the aquarium regularly. And if the fish is strong, taking 10-20% water once a week is probably enough. But if your fish is sick. You need to take more than 25 to 50%

Siphon water pipe is used. Make a siphon and put the old water in a five gallon tank. (Or bigger if necessary). Good way to buy a new tank and use it only when cleaning the aquarium. Scraps of soap or detergent are harmful to fish. That means that do not use a floor cleaner or a washing machine.

You can buy a siphon tube for the aquarium connected to the drain. If you already have Read the instructions. This siphon also prevents water from splashing out of the tank. You can choose the suction power of the water and the temperature of the water in the cabinet by using the cork.

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Clean the gravel. Push the vacuum hose into the gravel floor, fish, food waste. And other debris. Will be sucked into the pipe. If you have very small fish, are very delicate or are sick. You can remove unclothed tights at the end of the siphon pipe. (But make sure the hole in the stocking is big enough to filter out the dirt).

If you use artificial sand Do not use pipes to drown. Use only the siphon pipe. Not plastic pipe Hold it over the floor for about one inch to see the debris without disturbing the sand. You can use your finger in the sand. (If it is not forbidden to disturb animals that may be buried in it) to help the garbage that is trapped in the pile of sand to rise.

Clean the accessories. Fish tank decorations need to be cleaned as well! The lichen residue is caused by excess nutrients remaining in the water. You can use a flea scrub or a soft toothbrush that has not yet been used to rub these accessories in the aquarium you're taking. Avoid using soap. It can be dangerous to fish!

If you encounter problems cleaning the aquarium equipment. Take it out of the cabinet and soak in a 10% bleach solution for 15 minutes and pour hot water down. Leave it dry before putting it back in the cabinet. Be sure to clear the bleach solution completely. Fish will not die

If the equipment has lichen cover. You may need to feed less fish or change the water more often.

The big fish tanker will help prevent algae from growing too much.

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